Cells at Work!! Season 2 1080p Dual Audio

Cells at Work!! Season 2 1080p Dual Audio, Free Download Cells at Work!! Season 2 1080p Dual Audio


Title: Cells at Work!! Season 2

Synonyms: Cells at Work! 2nd Season, Hataraku Saibou 2nd SeasonJapanese: はたらく細胞!!English: Cells at Work!!German: Cells at Work!Spanish: Cells at Work!French: Les Brigades immunitaires

Year: 2021

Language: English

Quality: 1080p

Subtitles: English


Cells at Work!! / Hataraku Saibou!! [Season 2]
with Dual Audio (Jpn/Eng) and Eng Subs in BD 1080p HEVC

Reencode of [ReinForce] (x264 AVC FLAC) to (x265 HEVC AAC) with added English audio tracks from [Golumpa] and English subtitles from [Erai-Raws].

Work done on subtitles: Resampling – couple fixes/changes on signs – new fonts – styled OP / ED – [Signs & Songs] tracks and chapters

Side Note: The English dub has ist own opening song completely in English (same as season 1). I used the lyrics of that song as the ‘translated’ Japanese opening for the subtitles so I could use the OP in both subtitle tracks. The English lyrics might not mean exactly the same as the Japanese lyrics but when I compared them to some translations of the Japanese OP they weren’t completely different either (assuming those translations I found were accurate to begin with).



The cells of the human body never rest for too long; there’s always something new to do and learn every day. At least, that’s what Hakkekkyuu U-1146 feels as he rushes to and fro, searching for any pathogens that could cause harm to the body. Despite his dangerous line of work, it’s all worth it to protect the happy smiles of Sekkekkyuu AE3803, the platelet crew, his fellow neutrophils, and the other cells he meets along the way.

[neoHEVC] Cells at Work!! [Season 2] [BD 1080p x265 HEVC AAC] [Dual Audio] Hataraku Saibou!!

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